Sales Plans, Brochures & Hoarding

Elevate your brand with Archimark's bespoke print design, including sales plans, brochures, and hoarding. We craft compelling content that uniquely represents your project.


Common Questions

What information do you require to design hoarding?

Before designing hoarding for your site, we typically require essential information such as project branding guidelines, associated companies/ consultants and project visuals - which can be produced in house. Importantly, we also require hoarding dimensions and specifications, and details about the surrounding environment/ topography (such as pedestrian traffic flow and visibility considerations).

What can you do with our floor plans?

With architects' plans as a foundation, we can tailor bespoke floor plans designed to represent your brand effectively. By incorporating your branding elements, colour schemes, and unique design aesthetics, we transform standard floor plans into branded visual assets that align seamlessly with your marketing objectives. Whether it's showcasing specific features, emphasising spatial flow, or highlighting signature design elements, our custom floor plans ensure consistency and enhance brand identity across your property development projects.

What information do you require to create a sales brochure?

Before preparing a sales brochure, we typically require key information about your property development project, including project overview, floor plans, site plans, amenities, location details, target audience demographics, branding guidelines, and any specific design preferences or requirements. Providing comprehensive project details allows us to create a tailored sales brochure that effectively showcases the unique features and benefits of your development.

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